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People keep on sneezing and coughing please read the articles below.  You’ll learn how the essential oils especially oregano oil can boost your immune system to fight against allergy and colds as a natural remedy.

Oregano Oil Benefits

Evidence based naturopathic treatments to prevent and treat colds …

If you are someone who gets frequent viral and bacterial throat infections I recommend gargling regularly at the end of your nasal irrigation routine with the same saline solution as a preventative treatment as well. Although nasal ….. Some recent evidence has shown anti-viral properties against the standard Influenza A virus.[32]. IMPROPER USE OF OREGANO OIL. oregano. Often my patients tell me that they use oregano oil all season to prevent colds and flus.

The 4 Best Natural Flu Remedies – Green Chi Cafe

Some essential oils, while highly anti-viral, may not be suitable for ingestion, and others are more effective as antibacterial agents. These are the four best natural flu remedies: *oil of wild oregano, *olive leaf liquid herbal …

Use Oregano Oil to Treat Colds and More – Health on a Budget

Treat Colds with Oil of Oregano. Cold and flu season is just around the corner and there’s no better healing agent to have on hand than oil of oregano. Not only does this natural anti-bacterial oil strengthen your immune …


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I was miserably sick for 3-1/2 weeks with the Flu. My wife got it and I was determined that she not suffer like I did. We found a cure that killed the Flu in…


Oil of Oregano A Miracle Cure For Flu Symptoms

Getting those body aches and chills so often the precursor to full on flu symptoms? How do you keep from getting the flu full on? Oil of Oregano! of course. …

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There are many uses for Oregano Oil varying from allergies to your household disinfectant spray. It was recognized in ancient Greece for its medicinal properties and is widely respected today by many in the health care industry.

A Versatile Herb for Versatile Uses

Aromatheraphy for beginners – 5 oils toolkits Click Here! 51rWQDqzLHL. SL160  Various Oregano Oil UsesIt is truly one of the most potent and versatile herbs available today. Here are a few of the various Oregano oil uses:

  • Allergies and Sinus Congestion

Oil of Oregano contains an active ingredient called rosmarinic acid which is a natural antihistamine. This particular ingredient reduces swelling and fluid build-up. By mixing three drops of oregano oil into a glass of water or juice at least once per day for at least five days.

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Oregano Oil is a natural superstar in the natural health community. The benefits of using Oregano Oil both internally and externally seem to be endless. Its medicinal properties have been studied for centuries by the early Greeks and we continue to study and research this miraculous herb.

Various Uses of Oregano Oil


Aromatheraphy for beginners – 5 oils toolkits Click Here!

21CuUxMUGIL. SL160  Learn About Oregano Oil BenefitsOne of Oregano Oil benefits is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and as a potent pain reliever. Some have even compared the pain relief from the Oil of Oregano to the pain relief you would receive from your common over the counter pain killer. Today we benefit from using Oil of Oregano in several different ways. Here are just a few of the many benefits that Oregano Oil has to offer:

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The Oregano Plant can be found way up in the mountains of the Mediterranean regions of Greece, Portugal and Turkey. These regions are free of harmful pollutants that can damage this miraculous healing plant. Retrieving Oregano Oil from an Oregano Plant is a delicate and natural process. The Oregano Plant is a woody shrub and the leaves are only picked when its precious oil is at its peak. Oregano Oil that is extracted can be consumed as a dried herb or in a liquid form. The Wild Oregano Plant is grown free of chemicals and is extracted with a process that is chemically free as well.

Difference Between Oregano and Wild Mediterranean Oregano

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You can consume Oregano Oil internally for Colds, Flu, Allergies, Headaches, General Pain, Digestion Issues such as Indigestion, Parasites and much more. For preventative purposes or to alleviate an ailment, use two to three drops diluted in water, tomato juice, v8 juice or on your favorite salad. Undiluted, Oregano Oil can be hot and spicy and very potent.

Using Oil of Oregano Externally

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